Terravine Growers

Located in the beautiful Kittitas Valley, Terravine Growers is a twenty acre vegetable and herb farm owned by partners whom have autism and other intellectual disabilities.

Our produce is available at local farmers markets, area restaurants and through a seasonal CSA, community-supported agriculture program which provides delivery of our organically grown produce.

Terravine Growers is committed to organic production practices such as use of compost and other organic material, beneficial insects, cover crops and crop rotation. In the same way that we are growing a sustainable farm, we are growing a business that will strengthen the local food economy and nourish our community for years to come.


Our Mission

Terravine Grower’s mission is to educate people in the importance of environmental stewardship and healthy food, to reconnect us to the land and our local sustainable food supply, and to inspire us to take action in our daily lives and in our communities.

Our venture is also grounded in a strong social mission – helping individuals with autism and others disabilities access their potential. By thoughtfully caring for the land and cultivating a local sustainable food source, we bring meaning to work, which is truly a productive service to our community and society. The focus is not on disability, but on capability; working towards social renewal through agriculture.

– 80% of adults with autism are unemployed –

Terravine Growers was founded by families affected by autism in an effort to empower individuals with this diversity by giving them the tools needed to start their own small organic farming business.

Terravine Growers is a scalable business dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with autism which is deeply grounded in a social mission with the goal of succeeding as a profitable business.

With autism rates soaring and an 80% unemployment level amongst adults with the disorder, these four intrepid business owners will hopefully inspire other individuals with ASD to use their talents, gifts and abilities to be resourceful, aim high and pursue their dreams as well.

Terravine Growers Partnership

As partners of TerraVine Growers, they are equally responsible for all aspects of their business, with oversight from Guardians LLC.  In an agricultural business such as Terravine Growers, the economics of scale favors multiple partners.  The partners continually strive to develop  their technical skills along with business and interpersonal skills to grow their business by utilizing technical assistance from community members, businesses, family and friends.

Terravine has grown into a successful agricultural model which provides an innovative and beneficial employment solution for individuals with significant developmental disabilities through entrepreneurship in a rural area.

Our Founders

Dalton Spezialy

- Founder -
Dalton is always thinking about how he and his Terravine partners can expand their business. He shares his product research on which seeds to select and what supplies are needed for optimal growth. He enjoys planting the new crops along with helping his partners maintain and nourish the crops until they are ready to harvest....
Dalton Spezialy

Tyler Rands

- Founder -
Tyler is a natural in the gardens and excels when working there. As a partner with Terravine Growers, he has taken a great interest in sales/marketing. Tyler has mastered the “art of a sale” demonstrating confidence, product knowledge, resilience and charisma when marketing our produce and herbs at Farmer’s markets, CSA’s and to local restaurants.
Tyler Rands

Jake Dillow

- Founder -
Jake comes to Terravine with a great amount of experience working in agriculture having previously worked at an agriculture based vocational center. As a partner with Terravine Growers, he has taken a great interest in the crop production process, including planting, fertilizing, harvesting and marketing. Jake is excellent at planting new crops in the spring...
Jake Dillow


Terravine Growers CSA Program

Terravine Grower produce is available through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription program, in which members of the public support the farm by committing to purchase shares of its produce for a season. Each member of our CSA receives a weekly crop box of fresh produce throughout the growing season.

Buying locally grown produce through our CSA program means you are:

  • helping employ individuals with autism and other disabilities
  • investing in the local economy
  • living green by purchasing food that was grown with minimal impact on the planet
  • decreasing your carbon footprint by minimizing the distance your food travels to your plate
  • living healthy by purchasing food that was grown naturally using organic methods

Joining our CSA gives you the opportunity to partner with a local farm. We invite you to become our partner in 2018. When you purchase a membership share of the CSA program, you are partnering with Terravine Growers. This partnership is more than just fresh, wholesome, local produce; it is joint support of our greater mission.

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Contact Us

If your would like to contact the Terravine Growers office, please fill in the form at left and we will return your enquiry within one to two business days.

  • Ellensburg, Washington USA
  • 509-968-4040
  • contact@terravinegrowers.com